The free resources within Pol-Ed include lesson plans and schemes of work, although lessons can be used to suit your school’s needs. They can be used in response to situations, as part of a wider PSHE framework or for different year groups.

All of the resources focus on the West Yorkshire Police priorities and Ofsted lines of enquiry and are linked to the DfE statutory guidance and PSHE Association Programme of Study to ensure we are best meeting the needs of our young people. Access to the resources remains free for every single school in West Yorkshire and we are hoping to roll the programme out wider in 2024.

Pol-Ed resources are split into 3 topic areas

Covering age appropriate interactions with people and situations a child may come encounter both in and out of school.

Supporting image for Relationships


This topic covers lesson themes including consent between friends and partners (including domestic abuse), sexual offences and grooming, bullying and much more.

Supporting image for Keeping Safe

Keeping Safe

This topic area covers lesson themes including the role of emergency services, what can be perceived as anti social, Criminal exploitation, addiction and much more.

Supporting image for Understanding the law

Understanding the law

This topic area covers lesson themes including how to be a responsible citizen, what is a hate crime, what to do if stop and searched by the Police, what constitute public order and much more.

Pol-Ed Passport

The Pol-Ed passport is a means of measuring knowledge for PSHE. This is a unique feature of Pol-Ed which we are developing as PSHE is not an statutory assessed subject, it was felt that it would be beneficial for teachers to be able to measure students understanding of the core values. There are work sheets which they can complete which will be signed off by their teachers and could gain them certificates from the head teacher.

Latest Developments

Since the initial pilot release in 2020, there have been significant developments ongoing to improve Pol-Ed for schools and pupils which became available from September 2023, including:

  • Pol-Ed resources have been re-designed by PSHE / RSE specialists with local and national credibility
  • More focused coverage to address priority areas, such as sexual violence and harassment, child-on-child abuse and the perception that young people have of the police
  • All secondary lessons will have a flexible 20/40/60-minute delivery model to meet different curriculum needs.
  • A wider range of assessment opportunities so students can demonstrate their progress.
  • Lessons built around values, skills, and attributes as well as knowledge.