What is Pol-Ed?

Pol-Ed is a range of resources that have been designed to be aligned with the PSHE Association Programs of Study. The materials consist of:

  • Lessons created by subject matter experts who specialise in Citizenship teaching and PSHE.
  • Assemblies created by subject matter experts.
  • CPD videos for professionals to support the teaching of difficult topic areas (coming soon)
  • Assessment tools in the guise of the Pol-Ed Passport stamps.
Who is it for?

Pol-Ed is currently aimed at all students in KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4 and KS5 the aim is to expand our library of lessons to cover EYFS and SEN provision.

How are the lessons structured?

Lessons in Key Stages 3, 4 and 5 can be delivered in either 20-, 40- or 60-minute sessions, the Scheme of Work highlights which slides to miss out in order to change the lesson length. Lessons can be delivered by teachers to full classes, small groups, individuals or as a full year group assembly. Key Stage 1 and 2 lessons are structured to be delivered in one session, but this can be at the discretion of the teacher.

Will Pol-Ed replace our school’s existing PSHE scheme?

No, Pol-Ed is designed so that the lessons can be embedded within your current scheme of work to complement and enhance your existing PSHE provision. Although we advise embedded Pol-Ed lesson with your current PSHE long term plan, our lessons can be delivered at anytime and in response to emerging issues within a school setting.

Who has commissioned it?

Pol-Ed has been commissioned and developed by West Yorkshire Police to support its partnership working strategy and help keep our young people safe. The original Pol-Ed programme was funded by successful bids for money from the Proceeds of Crime fund.

‘Proceeds of crime’ refers to the assets, funds and property gained whilst undertaking criminal activity. Authorities such as The Crown Prosecution Service have the power to confiscate these assets thanks to the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Pol-Ed has funded the first 3 years of the programme from money which has been recovered from drug dealers, money launderers, fraudsters and other criminal enterprises. We are using these ill-gotten gains to fund the development of the Pol-Ed programme with the aim of helping young people understand the law and to assist them in making informed choices.

How much will it cost?

Pol-Ed is completely free to all schools in your Force area if your Force has purchased access to the Pol-Ed website. The aim is for Pol-Ed to become a national program and be given free of charge to all schools if their Police Force purchases Pol-Ed.

Some of the subjects are quite tough to teach, is there any help available?

The Pol-Ed team will be producing some CPD videos for teachers to support them with teaching difficult topic areas.

I am a parent; can I see what the resources contain and what my child is being taught?

Pol-Ed is a learning resource specifically created for teachers, all lessons fit in with the statutory guidance that schools have to deliver, if you have any questions regarding an individual lesson contents, please speak to you child’s school.

Does Pol-Ed offer support to parents?

As part of our long term aim we plan on producing a range of video to support parents around difficult topic areas. These videos will address how they may deal discussing difficult topics or what signs to look out for if they are worried about their child.

If you have any current concerns please contact your child’s school or for more serious concerns please contact your Police Force directly.