1. Pol-Ed offers schools a range of lessons, assemblies and assessment resources that are mapped out against the PSHE Association’s Program of Study.

  2. The resources are completely FREE for all schools to use within a purchasing Police Force area.

  3. Our lessons have been created by subject matter experts with a background in education and are quality assured by Police Officers from specialist departments to ensure all legalities are correct.

  1. Timesaving for teachers. All lessons and supporting resources are planned and ready to use and deliver and requires no additional workload for teachers.

  2. As well as meeting statutory requirements of the Relationships and sex education (RSE) and health education, Pol-Ed covers subjects that may otherwise not be covered in other PSHE schemes but are vital for children to understand.

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Pol-Ed resources are split into 3 topic areas

Covering age appropriate interactions with people and situations a child may come encounter both in and out of school.

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This topic covers lesson themes including consent between friends and partners (including domestic abuse), sexual offences and grooming, bullying and much more.

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Keeping Safe

This topic area covers lesson themes including the role of emergency services, what can be perceived as anti social, Criminal exploitation, addiction and much more.

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Understanding the law

This topic area covers lesson themes including how to be a responsible citizen, what is a hate crime, what to do if stop and searched by the Police, what constitute public order and much more.